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I am John Drury, President of ORRA, and here I will keep you informed on the latest issues concerning the Ratepayers and Residents of the Hibiscus Coast.

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Having read some of the statements coming out from the council regarding the Unitary Plan release.     I am, to say the least, horrified by what I read.

It seems generally, to be accepted by the majority of so-called “independent commissioners” that this is the best way forward for our city, and it is also worrying to read that some of our candidates for the position of our new Mayor are in agreement with what has been published.

Now, I think, it is time to wake them up to what we, the Ratepayers and Residents  of Auckland think and want. For far too long, the council, and, in some cases, the central government,, have dictated policies that have been generally against the average people of Auckland’s   wishes  and requirements. Now it seems they are dictating a policy of feed the developers and speculators and to hell to the ratepayers, who, in most  aspects, finance the city.

Central government can and does demand that Auckland accommodates a mythical number of immigrants over the next 20/30 years, thereby trying to justifying the increase in housing. Firstly, we have seen what has happened with housing booms. We end up with “leaky buildings” and “shoddy workmanship” Secondly, why do they all have to come to Auckland?. We notice Wellington is keeping very quiet about this – remember. Wellington  is our Capital, but they do not want anything to do with a “Unitary authority”

Thirdly, Auckland should only take those immigrants that are required for work in Auckland, the others can and should be accommodated elsewhere in the country – we have plenty of room, and requirements in other centres.

Also noted in the latest release are the areas that are ear-marked for large developments. Nowhere that actually affects people of influence or wealth. No mention of the main area that should be considered, that is the area down towards Hamilton. It has a motorway almost all the way to the CITY; Railway alongside the road, and, in the City of Hamilton, there is a Major hospital and an Airport. What more could be required for good and easy access to Auckland? Just avoid Pukekohe as it is the  vegetable area for Auckland.

Populations should always be situated near to Railway and Highways for travel purposes, This has been proven worldwide.

Instead of this, the  expert commissioners have added places like Wellsford, Warkworth, Helensville , Kumeu, and Hibiscus coast. places that have been ignored for years. Any area north of the harbour bridge is not a viable place to increase population, due to poor roading, congestion, and the bridge itself, being a bottle-neck. Add to that, the cost of preparing those areas for large developments is out of the question. The infrastructure  would be enormous and tremendously expensive.

As a matter of great interest is, “who are the so-called” “independent commissioners?”

What are their qualifications for such a task and to add to that, the passing of the Plan is left to a dysfunctional group of, we hope, outgoing Mayor and Councillors.

The people of Auckland must not be afraid of Central government intervention in Auckland city as there is too much at stake for them.  Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city by far, with a large number of MPs, and if the general public of Auckland want the plan changed, then they will vote accordingly. We live in a (at the moment) democratic country, not ruled by a dictator, so must not be dictated to by anyone.  Led, yes,  dictated to NO. Could be the downfall of any political party.

John Drury,ORRA President.

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